Why Does BMW’s Most Expensive Paint Cost Forty Times More Than The Baseline Option?

Does a colour define you? More to the point, does the colour of your vehicle define you as a person? For some people, it appears that it does.

According to BMW, there’s no shortage of customers clamoring for their most exclusive coat of paint – even though it costs roughly forty times more than the generic baseline coat of paint. That’s right. Forty times more.

Sounds a little absurd doesn’t it? In all honesty, anyone considering the purchase of a luxury vehicle would certainly consider a more sophisticated paint option, however briefly. After all, with such a high cost associated with it, there must be a a reason why people would want it?

BMW Individual Pure Metal Silver, as it’s known, boasts some pretty unique characteristics; including a profound light/dark effect, a high metallic brilliance, and the ability to reflect light more intensely than any other paint colour.

So how do they do it? Hundreds of thousands of ultra thin aluminum flakes guarantee a uniform and gleaming surface – and that’s just the beginning.


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