This Ford F-250 Found New Life – As A Weapon Of War

Have you ever wondered what happens to your vehicle once it’s been traded in? You might expect the new owner would give it a new paint job or install a few upgrades, maybe even make some of the repairs that you’ve been meaning to do. It’s probably never occurred to you in a million years that the vehicle you drove day in and day out to go to work, or drop your kids off at school might be used as a weapon of war.

Truth be told, neither did Mark Oberholtzer, a plumber from a sleepy town in Texas. Recently, it came to Mark’s attention that the black Ford F-250 he traded in to a dealership back in November of 2013 has found itself in the most unbelievable of places; a war zone.

Oberholtzer thought his truck would find new life doing some honest work. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

According to a Houston television station, KHOU, Oberholtzer’s truck somehow ended up on the front lines of a combat zone half a world away, in the hands of an Islamic Militant group waging war in Syria. Naturally, you might be wondering how anyone could be certain that it is in fact Oberholtzer’s truck – after all, there has to be a million black F-250’s on the secondary market. Let’s just say that sadly for  Oberholtzer, his truck wasn’t exactly trade-in ready; sure it was cleaned and the paperwork was in order, he just forgot to remove his company’s decals from the truck prior to dropping it off at the dealership.

-Video courtesy of KHOU
Now, a picture featuring his truck mounted with an anti-aircraft gun has been posted by the Islamic group and can be found it’s rounds on Twitter – much to the dismay of Oberholtzer.

Oberholtzer’s son Jeff, had this say, “To think something we would use to pull trailers [is] now being used for terror, it’s crazy.”

The craziness unfortunately doesn’t stop there – since the picture went viral, the plumbing company has been awash in phone calls coming in from all over the United States accusing the Oberholtzer’s of aiding terrorists. In spite of the fact that this is clearly a tragic accident, Oberholtzer has had no choice but to unplug the company’s phones and hope the whole thing blows over and is seen for what it really is; an unfortunate turn of events.


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