Proof That Modifying Your Child’s Power Wheel Can Result In The Most Fun Ever

You might be asking yourself, “do you mean the most fun for children, or for adults?” The answer to that question is actually both – but to varying degrees. Kids will get a blast out of anything, we all know that. Case and point, check out this little four-year old speed demon behind the wheel of his modified 24 volt  Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane – which normally maxes out at 8 km/h thanks to it’s stock 12 volt battery.

To you and me, the extra “power” provided by the slightly more robust battery may not be a game changer, but this kid seems to love it nonetheless.

Sure, on the whole, this mod is pretty tame – but just look how much fun the kid is having. Totally worth it, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Of course, dads being dads, they can’t sit idly by and watch their kids having all the fun. This guy decides to race his son in matching Power Wheels Mustangs; while the kid is stuck driving a stock version, his dad peels off the line in a suped up gasoline powered version that he modified just for himself – leaving his son to eat his dust.

And then there are the guys that take it to a whole new level – they leave the kids at home and head out for the ultimate Power Wheels drifting competition, making snow covered streets and parking lots their ideal playground. We can’t believe how incredibly awesome this looks! The video below shows four buddies pitting a Snow Jam Barbie Jeep, a Corvette, an F-150, and a Mustang against one another – is there a better way to spend a winter afternoon?

Remember, if you’re going to modify your Power Wheel, please be safe!

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