Honda + Grom = Awesome Custom Combo

You know what I’m a fan of? When I find things in other things. Think about it – would you prefer your Thanksgiving dinner to consist of a plain old turkey, or would you rather feast upon the majestic turducken? Before you answer, know that a turducken is not some fictional beast thought into existence by a bespectacled author wearing a dorky hat – rather this classic dish calls for the insertion of a chicken within a duck, within a turkey and oven roasted until golden brown.

I’m going somewhere with this, please bear with me.

As you might expect, the SEMA Show birthed dozens, if not hundreds of pretty spectacular concept vehicles. Vehicles that were built specifically to excel at conquering mountains or transporting people in conditions so luxurious they rival the pampering of a European diplomat. That being said, it wasn’t always the biggest and baddest looking rig that made us literally stop and stare at the 2014 SEMA Show, sometimes it was the little guy. Case and point, the 2015 MAD Industries Honda Fit with matching Grom minicycle.

Sure the Fit looks pretty rad on its own – with a jet black finish and the contrasting yellow accents of the rims and windows. But the true treasure lies on the inside; and by that of course I mean the similarly styled Grom minicycle stowed nicely in the trunk. What really gets me about this ride, is that it awakens in me the fantasy I used to have as a kid of being a secret agent. It went something like this: car runs out of gas, bad guys gaining, escape looks impossible, but wait! I’ve got another vehicle in my trunk, primed and ready for another harrowing chase.

In all seriousness, the 2015 Honda Fit had an impressive showing at SEMA this year, with a total of 9 customized Fits dotting the convention centre’s floor. The Fit also walked away with one of the most coveted awards handed out at the annual event – the Hottest Sport Compact. Such an award has the 2015 Honda Fit standing in good company, with the Scion FR-S taking the award in 2012 and 2013 and the Fiat 500 bringing it home in 2011.


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