Forget My Christmas List: One Of These Is All I Need

Come on Canada – you know you want one too!

Now I admit, these might not be able to handle three feet of snow, but on those days we just get a little dusting, why head out there with a shovel when a remote controlled plow will do the trick?

1. The Tank

Not only does this guy show us what’s under the hood, he puts it to good use; in spite of the lack of snow.

2. Time to clear mom’s driveway

This little guy comes with a tiny little truck bed toolbox and snow chains. Are those legal little fella? He’s a little on the tiny side, and probably not suitable for clearing the entire driveway, but maybe he can clear off the patio…or a single square of sidewalk.

 3. Overkill Snow Plow

Okay, so these things have some limitations when faced with low temperatures, but surely given enough time and investment, we can overcome. Maybe there’s a gas powered r/c plow out there?

 4. Cool regardless of size

When a rotary snow plow meets an r/c big rig, great things happen.


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