Feeling Envious? Check Out This Awesome DIY Garage

How many of us actually own the garage of our dreams? Sure, having the space to ourselves and calling it a “man cave” is often good enough for us to deem the garage as “perfect”, but Jack Olsen,  a screenwriter out of Los Angeles, has put together a garage that is truly worthy of our envy. Best part is, he did it all by himself – at a cost you wouldn’t believe.

The only thing typical about this garage, is its dimensions. Olsen has admittedly done an incredible job converting his modest, private garage into the world’s smallest professional garage – he even has his own lift which he uses when working on his prized Porsche 911. The coolest thing about the lift; when not in use, it rests fully submerged in the floor. Out of sight, out of mind.

olsen's garage

Believe it or not, Olsen purchased the Vesti hydraulic lift (second hand of course) for the modest sum of $455. Inch for inch, Olsen managed to get everything into his garage to make his workspace what it is today, including some DIY lighting, tool cabinets, and re-purposed Ikea furniture.


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