Showstopper Essential: Get Sidesteps That Enhance the Look of Your Vehicle; Not Clash With It

Buyer’s remorse – It’s no longer just the sick feeling you get the next morning after a late night splurgefest on the home shopping network. I mean come on, who needs a set of 120 different knives that can cut through a shoe, a can, and a tomato? Not to mention owning the hilariously inappropriate Shake Weight…like that will ever come out of the box again.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all made the wrong buying decision at one time or another. For the most part, we end up tossing the ridiculous product away, with a shake of our heads and muttering “What the hell was I thinking?” under our breath. Sure, we learn a valuable lesson on the dangers of the impulse purchase, but how do we prevent making the same mistake again and again?

If you’re prone to making these kind of purchases, read on.

Deciding which products to accessorize your vehicle with is a difficult decision to make. Your vehicle is on display almost 24/7; from the time you pull out of the driveway in the morning, to the time you park it in the garage at night, people will either admire your ride, or, they simply won’t.

Let’s take a look at how to go about choosing the right sidesteps for your truck – a purchase that will enhance the look of your vehicle, and not clash with it. A purchase you won’t have to live to regret.


Stepping Up the Look of Your Vehicle with Sidesteps


Stainless steel looks cool, and so does a black powder coat. So which should you go with? Stainless or black powder? The right answer depends on what sort of style you’ve currently got going on with your truck or SUV. If you’ve accessorized your vehicle with chrome accents, you’ll likely want to do the same with the sidestep. Alternatively, if you’ve gone in the other direction and your ride is more monotone, (like say, solid black for example) the last thing you’ll want is the highly reflective surface of stainless steel to throw everything off.


Make A Decision: What Do You Want the Style of Your Truck to Be?


Flashy or low-key? When you start accessorizing, this is the fundamental question you have to ask yourself. It really comes down to “What sort of impression do I want my vehicle to make?” Do you want it to look tough and intimidating, or do you want to have a classier look? Either is good, but mixing them is seldom a wise idea.


1. Going Tough


If the rest of your truck is giving off a tough vibe, it only makes sense to choose sidesteps that will convey the same message. In my mind, there is no tougher looking sidestep than Dee Zee’s Rough Step Running Boards; made of 12-gauge steel construction and immersed in a black powder coat finish specifically designed to increase corrosion protection. This product will outlive you and survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse.


2. Stay Classy


As Ron Burgundy’s timeless words suggest, there is nothing wrong with staying classy. In fact, giving your truck or SUV a classier appearance can truly give it a sharp look. And when I think classy, I think of the Bestop PowerBoard NX WiFi Power Running Board. Why do I think of this particular product you might ask? Simply put, the PowerBoard extends automatically when the door opens and raises when the door is closed. Suitable for off-roading? Probably not. Suitable for impressing your date? Definitely.

In addition to being able to extend and retract beneath the vehicle, the PowerBoards feature an integrated light kit. Classy.


Do Your Research

Shopping online is great – largely because you get to see every product that’s available to you without having to wear pants. But looking at page after page of products can be somewhat limiting. To really figure out which sidesteps to buy, spend some time in some online forums and talk to other owners of your particular make and model. Forums are full of people who are willing to impart their knowledge on those who are seeking it; and most importantly, their insight and experience may steer you away from a possible bad purchase. They can also provide you with something online retailers can’t – pictures of their custom appointed vehicles, so you can SEE how the style of the vehicle comes together.