Product Review: Which Covercraft Car Cover Is Right For You?

Product Review: Which Covercraft Car Cover Is Right For You?

Covercraft Block-It 200 Car Cover

Covercraft Block-It 380 Car Cover

Covercraft Evolution Car Cover

At the end of the day, the best car cover is the one that most adequately meets your needs; whether it’s stored indoors or out.


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The word “cover” brings several other meaningful words to mind; words like protection, security, and maintenance – to name just a few. For a lot of us, vehicle ownership represents one of the largest purchases we’ll ever make, so naturally, we want to do our best to protect it.

Of course, we insure our vehicles as a form of “protection”; but the owner who truly loves his or her ride takes it further than that. That’s where truck accessories like Covercraft’s line of car covers comes in. Unlike insurance, a quality cover provides actual PHYSICAL protection, and can be vital for keeping your prized four-wheeled companion.

Covercraft Block-It 200 Car Cover

Covercraft Block-It 200 Car Cover

Appearance: 90% – Installation: 85% – Price/Value: 80% – Quality: 80% – Overall: 83.75%

For something that seems so light and permeable, it’s safe to say that Covercraft’s Block-It 200 Semi Custom Car Cover is more than the sum of its parts. This quality cover is capable of providing all sorts of protection to help keep your vehicle in as close to showroom condition as possible; a feat that is not altogether easy to do, unless of course your vehicle actually resides in a showroom.

Failing to own a multimillion dollar, world class automobile showroom notwithstanding, Covercraft is a good place to start. First and foremost, the Block-It 200 Car Cover is made from a durable fabric that’s made up of not one, but three layers of a polypropylene material that is not only designed to repel a limited amount of moisture from coming into contact with your vehicle, but is breathable enough to allow any moisture that does get in to evaporate.

Sure enough, Covercraft’s Block-It 200 Car Cover wouldn’t be much protection if it didn’t provide some relief from the ever-intensifying, paint dulling UV rays, which, we’re happy to say, it does. The design of this particular cover makes it more resistant to dust than most woven covers making this cover ideal for dry, arid, and wet environments alike.

  • Semi Custom. The Covercraft Block-It 200 Car Cover is identified as being a “semi-custom” pickup truck accessory. While it is not made specifically for your specific vehicle, it has been designed to a nice snug fit using incremental sizing.
  • Lightweight. The polypropylene fabric is not only lightweight, it is incredibly easy to store when not in use; keeping your garage a clean, uncluttered sanctuary.
  • Soft and non-abrasive. The soft, unwoven polypropylene fabric will not scratch your vehicle’s paint job
  • Breathable. Living in Canada, you know that keeping moisture away from your vehicle is close to impossible. For that reason, this Covercraft cover’s fabric is breathable – meaning that even if moisture does find it’s way onto your vehicle, it will evaporate away from your vehicle’s surface
  • Keeps dust at bay. The high quality polypropylene material keeps dust and other particles away from your vehicle better that woven fabrics which means your vehicle will maintain its lustre regardless whether you decide to store it indoors or out
  • Mold and mildew resistant. No cover would be worth its salt if it didn’t stand up to wear and tear. Because this pickup truck accessory is treated to be mildew and mold resistant, you know that it was last as long as you need it to

Block-it 380

Covercraft Block-It 380 Car Cover

Appearance: 90% – Installation: 100% – Price/Value: 90% – Quality: 100% – Overall: 95%

Being a sibling of the Covercraft Block-It 200 Car Cover, the Covercraft Block-It 380 Car Cover has many of the same features and benefits as the rest of the Covercraft family of products. What does stand out is the unique fabric used in the 380; at 3.2 ounces per square yard, the Covercraft Block-It 380 Car Cover is approximately half the weight of other high performance fabrics, making it incredibly simple to use.

Each member of the Covercraft family will help protect your vehicle, but to different degrees. The 380, a cover featuring a three layer design is intended for light outdoor use. The top layer will help protect your vehicle’s paint from sap, pollutants, and moisture. The bottom layer is breathable – allowing moisture to evaporate from your vehicle’s surface. The middle layer acts as a filter of sorts, keeping dust particles and other debris from ever coming into contact with your paint.

Like the 200, the 380 also provides a nice, snug fit – but this time, it’s fully customized to fit your make and model

  • Non-woven fabric. The use of non-woven fabric makes Covercraft’s Block-It 380 Car Cover less permeable than conventional covers, more protection being the result
  • Custom fitted. Stitched to meet the dimensions of your particular make and model of vehicle so you know you have the perfect cover for your ride
  • Lightweight. Fabric weighs almost half of what a similar conventional car cover weighs. This makes it incredibly easy to use and makes storing it when not in use a breeze
  • Multilayer design. The multilayer design allows water to evaporate, prevents pollutants, environmental debris, and dust from coming into contact with the paint surface
  • Breathable. The breathable material allows moisture to evaporate
  • Won’t stretch, won’t shrink. The Covercraft Block-It 380 is made to maintain it’s tailored shape over time – meaning it will protect your vehicle for years without needing to be replaced.

Evolution Car cover

Covercraft Evolution Car Cover

Appearance: 85% – Installation: 85% – Price/Value: 100% – Quality: 100% – Overall: 92.5%

As the name suggests, Covercraft’s Evolution Car Cover is the next stage in the evolution of the car cover. The Evolution Car Cover is made from Covercraft’s most popular all-weather fabric; which really comes as no surprise at all; when it comes to protection, people will often pay for the best available. So what sets this cover apart from the rest?

The Evolution is by far the most robust cover in Covercraft’s line, and is well-suited for life in the Great White North. While all of Covercraft’s products provide protection against elements (UV, moisture, dust, pollutants) they differ in the degree to which they provide protection. As far as the Evolution is concerned, it is the master car cover.

  • Non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric ensures the highest level of protection against the elements, including dust, moisture, pollutants, sap and more
  • UV protection. The Evolution does not just offer UV protection, it offers the highest Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of all K-C fabrics
  • Soft on paint. Bottom layer combines the softness of polyethylene and the strength of polypropylene to ensure protection without harming your finish
  • 4 layer barrier. Middle two barriers of melt blown fibres act as a filtration system between airborne pollutants and your vehicle
  • Impact absorption. The addition of a fourth layer of fabric not only gives you additional filtration, but also provides more protection against dents, dings, nicks, and scratches.

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