Product Review: U-Guard 3D KAGU MAXpider Floor Mat

Product Review: U-Guard 3D KAGU MAXpider Floor Mat




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When you hear the word, "Custom", you immediately expect an inflated cost. With U-Guard's 3D MAXpider Floor Mats, you'll not only be satisfied by how well they'll protect your interior, but also how much they'll protect your wallet.



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The U-Guard 3D MAXpider Mat offers today’s model cars, trucks and SUVs a stylized and functional floor mat. 3D MAXpider Mat can protect your original carpet from salt stains, snow, rain and mud with a custom fit that will also dramatically enhance the appearance of your interior.


  • Material: The 3D MAXpider Floor Mat is made from a non-toxic, environmentally friendly carbon fibre material.
  • The 3D KAGU MAXpider Floor Mat is available in black and grey.
  • Constructed using a three layer system:


Layer 1: Comprised of a polyester looped carpet as well as a polypropylene tufted carpet.

Layer 2: The inner layer is a constructed of a semi-hard XPE material, which is 100% water resistant and sound insulating which will not only protect your carpet, but also dampen the road noise.

Layer 3: The final layer is the proprietary MAXpider anti-skid layer. Made of thousands of MAXpider fibres designed to prevent the mat from shifting positions.


Features and Benefits

  • Durable. Unique textured surface is waterproof, wear resistant and provides a tough surface to help dislodge debris from the underside of your footwear. Also has a thick driver side heel pad to cushion that high impact area.
  • A barrier to the elements. Keep salt, water, snow, and other debris away from the vulnerable interior surface of your vehicle.
  • Designed with safety in mind. The anti-skid bottom layer is made up of thousands of MAXpider gripping fibres able to withstand up to 53kg of pull force. You can rest easy that this mat, once installed, is going to stay where it is supposed to – it won’t dislodge or shift.
  • Economical. If you’re looking to add a sporty, high-end appearance to the inside of your vehicle, the 3D KAGU MAXpider Floor Mat will give you just that – and won’t break the bank in the process.
  • Protects resale value. Any accessory that helps you to get top dollar when it comes to selling your ride is an accessory worth having. A lot of aftermarket accessories will enhance the look of your vehicle, but don’t really offer much else. Not so with this U-Guard product which has the added benefit of keeping your carpet looking like it just rolled out of the showroom.
  • Always a perfect fit. This item is custom-fitted to your make and model, so you know that when you buy and install a MAXpider floor mat, it will look like it was made for your vehicle. Because it’s designed with your vehicle in mind, the protection you’ll get over a department store universally fitted product cannot be compared.

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