Product Review: RTX LED Light Bar

Product Review: RTX LED Light Bar


Light Strength




If you use your truck day in and day out to get the job done, the following reasons should be more than enough to sway you towards RTX's products.



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The LED lighting movement shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon; and it’s no wonder. The benefits of equipping your truck with LED lighting over conventional halogen bulbs leaves very little room for debate. LEDs last longer, they’re more energy efficient, they’re constructed of more durable materials…the list goes on and on.

Why you should equip your truck with RTX LED Light Bars


First and foremost, we know that Canadians expect a high level of durability from the accessories we buy. We work our vehicles hard and we expect a certain level of performance. RTX’s line of LED Light Bars has thrown down the gauntlet in the uncompromising face of winter and the other harsh conditions we subject our vehicles to. But if product durability and incredible light output isn’t enough to convince you why your ride isn’t complete without an RTX product, perhaps the knowledge below will help shed some light (pun intended).

A size to meet any application


RTX products come in a wide variety of sizes to meet the wide variety of applications that Canadians may need.

  • The 4.6″ 1800LM Light Bar is perfect for cutting through the fog in addition to cutting through the blackest night. Alternatively, this size could easily be mounted to your ATV or maintenance vehicle to provide additional lighting.
  • The monster 39.1″ 21600LM Light Bar is designed to provide ample illumination in conditions where there’s normally none; from off-roading and camping to early mornings on the farm and whiteout conditions.

Where reliable lighting is needed, RTX can provide.

Impervious to inclement weather


The weather Canadians experience differs from much of the world. Our country is so large that on any given day parts of the country can be under three feet of snow, enduring a heat wave, or weathering the fringes of an Atlantic hurricane. This means that a product that is to be used in Canada, needs to be built for life in Canada.

How RTX LED Light Bars handle life in Canada

Each model in RTX’s line is designed to meet the internationally acknowledged Ingress Protection standard of the environmental protection and enclosure of electronic components. You’ll notice that each product  has the “Waterproof  IP67” qualification – the “IP” of course referring to the protection qualification mentioned above, while the “67” refers to the product’s ability to protect the components from dust, as well as the product’s ability to stand up to being immersed in up to 1 metre of water.

The polycarbonate lenses are constructed using a lexan material that is both strong and lightweight. Lexan is ideal for lenses – not only can they withstand a moderate amount of direct impact force, but it’s also a good electrical insulator and is resistant to heat (meaning that it helps to protect the most vulnerable components from the heat produced by the LED bulbs after prolonged usage).

Why does RTX use an aluminum housing?

LED light bars tend to generate a good deal of heat due to the large number of bulbs used in the unit. As aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, it’s an ideal housing material as it helps to draw away the heat produced by the unit and dispel it.

If you use your truck day in and day out to get the job done, the reasons listed above should be more than enough to sway you towards RTX’s products. Sometimes though, it just comes down to the brass tax or, “what’s this gonna cost me?” The good news is, while RTX has very comparative and enticing features, they are priced more economically than some of their competitors, making it a suitable choice for Canadians for work or play, from coast to coast.

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