Product Review: Remote Starters

Product Review: Remote Starters

CompuStar Pro 2-Way 901

Avital 5303L 2-Way LCD

Python 5906P Supercode SST 2-Way

When a product comes along that is both useful and makes your life easier – such is a truly glorious day. Of course, when it comes to truck accessories, one of the most life altering products you can buy is a remote car starter.


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You know that satisfied feeling you get when your life is made easier? I’m not talking about winning the lottery and never having to work again – although that would be nice. I’m talking about the little things in life; like getting a backscratcher as a gag gift on your 45th birthday. You laugh about it, but deep inside you really appreciate the fact that you’ll never again need to struggle when a middle-of-your back itch torments you to the point of madness.

One question you may ask yourself is, why you need a remote starter or keyless entry. Read on, friend.


Product Profile: CompuStar Pro 2-Way 901

Ease of Use: 90% – Function: 80% – Range: 95% – Look & Feel: 80% – Overall: 86.25%

The 901 is CompuStar‘s most powerful remote starter. And by powerful, we mean range. This unit is capable of sending remote start and keyless entry commands up to a mile away. I know what you’re thinking – that’s a pretty big claim to make – after all, if I’m a mile away from my vehicle, how will I know the command was received? The 901 utilizes 2-way LCD confirmation which will instantly notify you when a successful command has been received.

In addition to offering the remote starting and keyless entry capabilities, The 901 is also manual transmission compatible and installable in most manual transmission vehicles.

Additional Features:

  • Cold or hot automatic start: different seasons require different settings; ensure your ride is toasty in the winter and cool in the summer before you get in
  • Programability: In addition to being able to set the temperature, you can also set the time your ride starts
  • Diesel engine compatible
  • Turbo timer: Keep your engine running in idle to prevent premature turbo wear

Why the long range of the 901 is great: Look at this way; it’s better to have too much range than not enough. Start your truck while still in the mall, from the other side of the farm, or one town over.


Product Profile: Avital 5303L 2-Way LCD Remote Start with Security

Ease of Use: 80% – Function: 75% – Range: 60% – Look & Feel: 75% – Overall: 72.5%

While the Avital unit does not have the same range as the CompuStar unit, it does allow you to start your car from up to 1,500 feet away, which for most applications, is ample range. Like the above mentioned 901 model, the LCD screen displays command receipt and execution, confirming your vehicle has been started and eagerly awaiting your arrival. The built-in alarm system functions the same way – arming or disarming the alarm will send a confirmation to the LCD screen, so never again will you be required to be within earshot of your vehicle to make sure the alarm has been activated.

Additional Features:

  • LCD remote allows you to do a temperature check of your vehicle’s interior, so you know when it has reached the desired temperature
  • LCD remote is backlit for easy viewing at night
  • Zone identification: When an alarm is triggered, a Zone ID is sent to the LCD remote. Zone IDs allows you to identify which area of your vehicle an action has triggered the alarm

Why this might be a good buy if you live in the city: the 5303L model comes standard equipped with Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC) which in layman’s terms means that it uses neighbourhood friendly anti-false alarm technology to prevent your alarm from been triggered when it shouldn’t.


Product Profile: Python 5906P Supercode SST 2-Way Remote Security and Remote Start System

Ease of Use: 80% – Function: 80% – Range: 95% – Look & Feel: 85% – Overall: 85%

Like the 901 CompuStar model, the Python 5906P is the premier remote opener produced by Python. Also like the 901, Python’s 5906P has an effective range of up to 1 mile. It also features a fail-safe starter kill because about the last thing you want to use your remote starter for is to help potential thieves in relieving you of your truck.

The 5906P is fully compatible with vehicles with manual transmissions. You can also turn off the remote start function by selecting Disable Remote Start; this makes sure that your vehicle isn’t accidentally started without you explicitly wanting it to. Another security feature is the Remote Start Safe-Lock function that will lock your doors (if they aren’t already) when the remote start is activated – which is awfully handy if your curious toddler gets a hold of your keys and errantly activates the remote start and you’ve forgotten to disable the command.

Like the previous model, the Python 5906P utilizes Nuisance Prevention Circuitry to reduce the chances of false alarms.

Additional Features:

  • Sensor bypass
  • Last trigger report
  • Button auto lock
  • Temperature control settings


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