Product Review: Extang Encore Tonneau Cover

Product Review: Extang Encore Tonneau Cover


Ease of Installation



The Extang EnCore provides superior performance while protecting your cargo. It does so not by simply using the strongest materials in its fabrication.



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Ensure your gear is stowed safely beneath this durable and secure tonneau cover from Extang. Security is not the only thing to get excited about; having a nice low profile will do wonders for your vehicle’s appearance. Easy to install and crafted using only quality components, customers are lauding over the Extang EnCore Tonneau Cover. It does so not by simply using the strongest materials in its fabrication; Extang uses intuitive design for the simplest possible installation/removal of the cover, and utilizes their proprietary BOLT® locking system to secure the tonneau to your truck.


  • Material: Constructed using one inch thick Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels.
  • Components: Textured powder coated aluminum frame for maximum strength. Ultra strong water resistant hinge system.
  • Security Features the BOLT® locking system: Front panel lock codes to match your ignition key while a heavy duty rear latch secures the cover at the tailgate.


Features and Benefits

  • Superior ExtangTuff durability. The EnCore tonneau cover is crafted using an incredibly strong, powder coated aluminum frame and rubber corners to prevent scratching and denting.
  • Versatility and accessibility. The EnCore is the first 3-panel hard folding cover that allows you to access the bed of the truck by either lifting the front or rear panels, making it a lot easier to quickly grab your gear without having to fold up the entire cover. The EnCore is also incredibly easy to remove, should a larger job require the use of the entire truck bed. The cover removes in seconds – simply fold the cover from front to back and lift it up and off. The lightweight components used in its design allows for easy removal and installation regardless of your level of strength.
  • Built for life in Canada. Never again worry about your gear being covered by a tonneau with an inadequate seal. The Encore’s unique channel sealing is integrated into the siderails for the ultimate in weather protection.
  • Ingenuity. The EnCore also features a new and innovative flexible hinge system for increased strength and performance. The hinges, like the channel sealing, are water resistant, completing the seal.

Extang is one of America’s top selling truck bed covers, and there is no reason why it can’t prove to be equally successful north of the border. Canada is the true test; if Extang’s EnCore can survive the ever-changing and unpredictable weather conditions here, it’s safe to say it can handle any environment.

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