Winter Is Coming…Can Your Rig Light the Way?

We’ve already started to see the signs; the chill in the air, the first leaves falling dead and lifeless to the ground, the sun disappearing over the horizon having spent less time irradiating us than the day before. In the seemingly immortal words of the ill-fated Game of Thrones character Ned Stark, winter is coming. Fortunately for us, that doesn’t mean hordes of mindless monsters descending upon us to wage the final war between good and evil; but it does mean that the days are getting shorter, and the night’s shadows longer.

Thankfully, you can take back the night by ensuring your ride is equipped with the latest in lighting technology available at



You might think that all headlights are created equal. Not so. In fact, the differences between modern headlights varies greatly; from LED to halogen to xenon.


The ANZO USA headlight

The ANZO USA projector headlight has three performance objectives: be brighter, be more efficient, and use less power. It achieves these objectives using Conventional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) technology. CCFL technology has many technological applications; widely chosen for backlighting LCD screens, laptops, copiers, and scanners due to its high level of energy efficiency, extreme long life, and low heat generation. By incorporating this technology into the production of their headlights, ANZO USA has crafted one of the most powerful yet efficient headlights available on the market today.  ANZO USA also features a “plug and play” installation, boasting their product’s ability to change the look and style of your vehicle in less than 30 minutes.

Other Features

  • OEM style weather tight connections and wire harnesses
  • Various housing colours available including silver, black, chrome, clear, and chrome carbon


Side Marker Lights

Side marker lights have been around for decades. Why’s that, do you ask? The idea behind side marker lights is that they allow vehicles to be seen from the side while driving at night. Specifically, it allows drivers to see vehicles at a distance traveling through intersections so that accidents can be avoided. An NHTSA Report published in 1983 claimed the following statistics:

Side marker lights annually prevent:

106,000 Accidents

93,000 Nonfatal injuries
$347 Million in property damage

Are they still effective in improving accident avoidance? Let’s just say I like to err on the side of caution. As far as safety goes, this is one accessory upgrade I wouldn’t mind making.


Putco Side Marker Lighting

The Putco side marker lights can be universally equipped to any make and model of truck or SUV. No drilling or cutting is required with the application of this product. Simply unplug the factory installed lens and bulb and replace it with the powerful high end LED lighting unit. Adding side marker lighting not only makes your ride that much more visible to other drivers, but also adds that little tweak of customization that will make your vehicle stand out from the rest. To complete the customized look, add Putco Chrome Doors Handles, Mirror Covers, and Tail light Covers.

Be sure to check out Putco’s Roof Marker Light, and the Putco Door Mirror Indicator Lenses for powerful lighting alternatives.


Tail Lights

Arguably second only to your headlights as the most important lighting component of your vehicle, driving without working taillights is risky; about as risky as eating that potato salad you found in your fridge but don’t remember buying.  All joking aside, a responsible driver should routinely check that all their lights are functioning properly, and all mayo-based salads be tossed 5.5 days after opening.


ANZO USA G4 Tail Light Assembly

Constructed using LEDs (Light Emitting Diode), the G4 Tail Light Assembly has a more powerful output, faster reaction time, and improved durability over traditional incandescent bulbs. Because LEDs are solid state components, they are incredibly resistant to external damage unlike their OEM counterparts which can be easily damaged in less than optimal conditions.

Additionally, the Estimated Time To Failure (ETTF) of LEDs is estimated to be between 100,000 and 1,000,000 hours, whereas the lifespan of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are estimated to be roughly 10,000 and 2,000 hours respectively. While tail light maintenance is not particularly difficult and only requires skills equivalent to following instructions, given the choice between replacing bulbs and watching the game, I’ll choose the game every single time.


Lighting Accessories

Trying to find something in the dark and not succeeding is incredibly annoying. Imagine getting home after a long day of work and all you want to do is flop onto the couch with a nice cold beer (in each hand if your fridge is more than 20 feet away). You lift your tonneau cover only to be greeted with a pitch black truck bed, your case of beer nowhere to be seen. By installing some tonneau lighting, this terrifying scenario can eternally be avoided.


Extang B-Light Tonneau Lighting System

Extang’s lighting system includes 8 high-intensity LED units. Each unit contains six LED bulbs; enough light to shine on every nook and cranny of your truck bed.

Other Features

  • Compatible with ALL hard and soft tonneau covers
  • Compatible with ALL makes and models of pick up trucks
  • Fast and easy installation using durable double sided adhesive
  • Control each unit using one switch


Westin Sportsman Chrome Tail Light Guard

If your ride is decked out in chrome accents, the Westin Sportsman Chrome Tail Light Guard is the icing on the cake. The guard offers a rugged, industrial look to your ride using 3/4″ polished tubing.


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