Adventure Time? Don’t Leave Fido Behind

There are few things that we Canadians look forward to more than the return of spring after a brutal  winter. Blue skies, warm sun, and 900,000 km of wide open roads, just beckoning to be explored.

Getting behind the wheel, there is only one thing missing – man’s best friend. Surely if there is anyone who enjoys the great outdoors more than we do, it’s our furry four-legged friends. Help your unquestioningly loyal companion reach your destination safely with these products available on

Bestop Pet Barrier

bestop-pet-barrierTaking a journey? Keep your pal safe with Bestop’s Pet Barrier. Not only designed to keep your dog from reaching the front of your vehicle, this barrier was designed with visibility in mind; offering an unobstructed view of the road behind you. Crafted from high quality steel tubing and a welded mesh, Bestop’s Pet Barrier is strong enough to keep your pet safe and sound in their own sectioned off area of the vehicle. Bestop also proudly boasts that this barrier is the only pet barrier that will work with your Jeep Wrangler Soft Top.


Highland Universal Pet Barrier

highland-universal-pet-barrierFrom minivans, trucks, and SUVs, the Highland Universal Pet Barrier has you covered. Constructed using heavy gauge tubing, Highland’s barrier installs in minutes, and can be adjusted to a variety of different interior heights. The best part of this model is that it doesn’t have that caged in feel – your pet, while sectioned off safely, can still feel close to you. The wide space between bars allows for easy treat giving and head patting should the mood strike you and the brace pads won’t harm your vehicle’s interior.

  • Height: 1143mm (1.143m)
  • Width: 1651mm (1.651m)

The barrier can be adjusted to a height of 1143 mm (1.143 metres) and to a width of 1651 mm (1.651 metres), making it ideal for most vehicles right out of the box. If more height is required, you can use this product with Highland’s Universal Pet Barrier Extension which is also available on


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