A BBQ Add-On For Any Adventure

There’s nothing more Canadian than barbecuing. Sure, Americans will try to say that barbecuing is the cornerstone of their culinary culture – but I submit to you that it’s actually Canadians who are the true masters of the grill. What evidence do I have to back up such a controversial claim? Only this: the summer barbecue season is short in Canada – but that doesn’t stop us. Proud barbecuing Canadians can be found manning the grill any month of the year – with a spatula in one hand and a beer in the other – even in the middle of a February deep freeze.

The fact is, we’ll barbecue anywhere and everywhere – we know that nothing tastes better than a piece of meat grilled to perfection over an open flame. That’s why when I saw the Front Runner spare tire mount barbecue, I immediately began thinking of the possibilities.

I’ve gone on many road trips in my day, as I’m sure many of you have. Obviously, a road trip means that there will be space restrictions, and as such, certain possessions must be left behind. Invariably, that means your prized BTU pumping, meat cooking station must await your return.

Well my friends, I’m pleased to say those days are behind us.

The Front Runner grate attaches directly to your truck mounted spare tire, meaning that it won’t take up any additional space in your vehicle. And because it’s mounted on the outside of your ride, you can start grilling the moment you reach your destination, before your engine even has the chance to cool.

Made of stainless steel by Front Runner Outfitters, a company based out of California (believe me, the irony that this product is American made is not lost on me) the Front Runner grill is a road trip must have for any meat loving, barbecuing Canadian.

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