How To Choose The Right Toolbox Compatible Tonneau Cover

Is there ever a time when choosing between two great things is more trouble than it’s worth? Sometimes, it can be – like when your wife asks if you prefer her brownies to your mother’s – in a situation like this, either answer will likely land you into a bit of hot water.

But when it comes to your truck, as difficult as it might be to choose between two great truck accessories, it’s better to have more choices than none at all. This isn’t to say that making the buying decision is easy; more often than not, there are many things to consider before making that important purchase – things like material, application, durability, performance, and not least of all, value.

Your vehicle represents a significant financial investment, particularly if you use your pickup truck to earn a living. If that’s the case, you’ll likely be in the market for some added truck bed security for tools, building materials, and equipment. Sure, you may already have a toolbox mounted in your cargo area, but what about the gear that is just too big to fit into that sturdy little box? Combine your toolbox with one of the toolbox compatible tonneau covers available at and put the question of truck bed security to rest.

What you should look for

When shopping for a toolbox compatible tonneau cover, there are several things you should consider. The first, and maybe most important thing to remember is that not all tonneau covers are created equal – in quality or in price. Think about how, where, and when you’ll be using the tonneau cover and take this information into account when reviewing the criteria below.

  1. Material. The material the tonneau cover is made of is really going to be an overall indication as to whether or not it will be able to handle the type of environment you’re going to be subjecting it to on a daily basis.
  2. Application. What are you looking to use it for? Are you more concerned with keeping your truck bed safe from the elements or protect your gear from thieves? Maybe both are equally important? Answering any of these questions will likely change what sort of cover you end up going with.
  3. Performance and value. Prices can vary wildly when it comes to tonneau covers, particularly when it comes to selecting among varying styles of covers. Tonneau covers that are priced more modestly may not perform at the level you need it to – not because it’s a lesser cover, but because it was intended for use under different conditions that do not require a multitude of different features or high end materials.

Roll-up style or hard tri-fold toolbox compatible tonneau cover?

To preface this comparison it’s important to note that neither style is necessarily superior to the other – it all comes down to what you need from your toolbox compatible tonneau cover.

Access Toolbox Edition Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


The nice thing about Access’s Toolbox Edition is that it accommodates over-the-rail toolboxes measuring up to 21″. This added capacity ensures no truck bed storage space is wasted or underutilized. The cover itself operates independently of your toolbox, allowing either one to open without hindering the operation of the other – making it ideal for jobs that require hauling payloads of different sizes on short notice.

Access also pride’s itself on building tonneau covers that will stand the test of time, even if that test takes place through years of harsh Canadian winters. The roll-up bars and bows are all built from aluminum, which offer a two-pronged benefit. The first, aluminum has a higher strength to weight ratio than stainless steel – so you have the strength you expect from your tonneau cover at a fraction of the weight. The second is that aluminum is less susceptible to corrosion when compared to all but the most expensive stainless steels; a confidence boosting benefit especially for those living in coastal regions.

In short, pound for pound, aluminum is a robust material that provides both the strength and durability Canadians look for in a roll-up tonneau cover.

The Access Toolbox Edition’s exterior layer is made up of a heavy-duty, double-treated marine grade vinyl tarp that is both UV and tear resistant. What’s particularly beneficial about this tarp is its ability to remain flexible in temperatures as low as -40° and is used in part with Access’s proprietary tuning system, EZ DIAL XT – that allows you to hand-tune the fabric without requiring you to remove your gloves or grab your toolbox.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Opens and closes easily using an auto latch and a hook-and-loop sealing system
  • Incorporates a three-point locking system that puts slide locks in each rear corner of your truck bed
  • The cover rolls up neatly and stores conveniently behind your truck’s cab when it’s not in use

For more information on Access’s Toolbox Edition Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, click here.

Extang Trifecta Toolbox Tonneau Cover


Extang has a long and storied history of building quality tonneau covers. One of the more popular designs available on the market today (that has the sales to prove it) is the hard tri-fold Trifecta Tonneau Cover. The Trifecta accomplishes several goals; primarily, it’s three hard, durable panels act as a veritable shield against anything and/or anyone you want to keep away from the contents of your truck bed.

The Trifecta Toolbox Tonneau Cover is built with the same features and benefits as the original Trifecta – the important distinction being the former’s ability to accommodate most standard 20″ truck bed toolboxes. In addition to being the industry standard when it comes to security, the Trifecta Toolbox Tonneau Cover uses heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum to construct the three hard panels as well as commercial-grade vinyl for maximum strength.

The Trifecta Toolbox Cover comes ready to install in Extang fashion and its easy setup allows you to install it and be on the road to the job site in no time at all.

Like Access’s offering, the Trifecta takes advantage of the superior qualities inherent in the use of an aluminum frame (like the previously mentioned superior strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistant properties).

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Spring-loaded SpeedKlamps make opening and closing the tonneau cover incredibly easy
  • Proprietary WeatherTuff rail seals block the elements from entering your truck bed
  • Heavy-duty Hold-Tite fasteners help keep the cover securely in its open position

For more information on Extang’s Trifecta Toolbox Tonneau Cover, click here.

Roll-up or tri-fold, each style clearly has their merits. The main thing to remember before making that buying decision, be sure to identify what you want to get out of your tonneau cover – doing so will provide the best jumping off point in your search for that all important pickup truck accessory.

Tonneau Cover Reviews

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